Amarachi Anakaraonye
Amarachi Anakaraonye

The Fragmented Whole

Conceptualized by the host and executive producer, Amarachi Anakaraonye in 2017, The Fragmented Whole podcast examines black, brown, and underrepresented narratives of resiliency and agency. 

The oxymoron of a "fragmented whole" is intentional in illuminating contradictory policies and practices that unite and divide us personally, interpersonally, and within the institutions we strive to co-exist within.

The Fragmented Whole aims to piece together such individual and collective fragments by promoting healing and inclusivity through dialogue.  

By uplifting the narratives of individuals and communities that have been and/or continue to be left at the margins of dialogue for and about them, The Fragmented Whole aims to facilitate the reconciliation, acceptance, and/or revision of self.  

That’s what we do at The Fragmented Whole, piece together the news and the self.


Logo: Josiah Anakaraonye

Photographer: Nataly Rios & Celeste Russell